Hello guys. I’m really sorry for not updating the blog for the longest time. I have been pretty much occupied with work. But hey I never forget my dream and passion! Anyways, I have been meaning to write about this certain. topic for a long time. Its called intention

Intention literally means and aim or a plan. What do you want to have daily? A smooth day? A happy day? A day full of abundance? A lucky day? A joyous day? Be sure to have that intention in you.

For example; You want to have a calm day at the office, organized at work, go home on time and spend 2 hours of family time before you’re off to bed. When you wake up in the morning, after you’ve had your shower, stand in front of the mirror, and say out loud with pride, “My intention today is to have a calm and organized day at work, go home on time and spend a couple of hours with my family before I go to sleep.” Another great place to do this during sunrise, which when I usually do this.

When you do this, your words get in your subconscious mind, absorbs it, and without realizing it, your mind sets your day the way you intended too. Try this, and you will see how much difference it can make in your daily lives. You will feel calm and peaceful throughout the day, as if someone has done your tasks and chores for you. You will see how your ideal daily moment falls into place.

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Being ill in your 30’s. This is what I found out.

So, as I mentioned in my earlier posts, the day I hit 30, was the moment I knew that my body isn’t like how it used to be. I get headaches before my period, recovery from parties takes about a week and my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. But hey. I believe age is just a number and our bodies respond to trainings. Just like animals. Yes, just like animals.

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5 ways to attract healthier and fitter self (and abundance!)

Everything that surrounds us is energy. Money is energy. Health is energy. Beauty is energy. They’re all energy that either flows smoothly into your life, or sometimes not. Besides doing what you can physically, it is also very important to make sure that your mind is also manifesting the healthier and fitter you.

Here’s what you can do:

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My thoughts on… Birth control method options

Hello guys..

So this week I had a birth control method session experience (whatever you call it)

Ok, lets start from the beginning. I’ve been on birth control pills since I was 19, which means I was on it for almost 12 years (except the time when I was carrying Sophia). I was on Yasmin for a couple of years, and then it gave up on me. I remember the first month when I started taking the pill, I gained a lot of weight, my cheeks were puffy, my boobs were swelling and I felt bloated. I was eating like mad too. But it was only during the first month. Things were back to normal after the second month. Ok, why I switched from Yasmin to Nordette? Basically I had some breakthrough bleeding, and the doctor adviced me to switch brand. She said that sometimes at at certain point a certain brand doesn’t work for your body anymore. I changed to Nordette. And that went pretty well.

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