When your dream life isn’t your dream anymore

Have you ever dream of achieving a certain position? And then you work so hard, sacrificing your time, money, family and when you do get there, you found out something. You hate it. You hate everything about your new job. And after everything that you went through, all you wanted to do was to get out of it.

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A diet for the mind

I remember years ago where I was always feeling exhausted. Not the physical exhaustion. But mentally. And I would ask myself. Why am I this exhausted? Work was not that busy. I was coming home on time. And was getting a lot of sleep and rest. Sometimes more than what I needed. But why was I still feeling tired.

That was when I figured out that I had the obesity mind. This is a condition where your mind and brain are just unhealthy & fat. Remember when you could not get your eyes off Facebook? Remember when all you did was just work, whine, watching the news, hating your job, being angry, complaining and gossip? That’s basically feeding your mind with junk food. The more you feed your mind and brain with these unhealthy food, the more fat and obese they will be.

So what do you need to do to solve this? Its simple.

Most of us take at least 2 – 3 types of supplement a day to keep our body healthy and strong. Obesity & weight gain are usually the result of overeating, consuming unhealthy food & lacked of exercise. And whenever we reach to the scale and found out that we have gained a little of weight, we tend to freak out. We would then adjust our food intake and start going to the gym to get back to our ideal weight.

That’s exactly how to get your brain in shape too. Your brain needs a balance diet.

  1. E-detox

This is the most important part, as social media is the biggest culprit in poisoning our brain. Take some time off social media. If its difficult, try 1 day first, and then 1 week and then 1 month. When you free yourself from this addiction, you will see how much lighter your head feels. Yes, it may be a struggle in the beginning, but the longer you do it, the longer you feel like not getting back on social media. Social media is what we call an addiction to distraction. It gets our minds unfocused, and as a result, we deliver unproductive & inefficient work.

  1. Lay off gossiping

Though social media is one way of gossiping, but I’m referring to the actual action of gossiping here. Gossiping is toxic and its harmful for the mind. Mind your own business, people! That’s the best for your brain. When you talk negatively about others, it automatically releases negative energy to your brain. This can bring you down and lowers your self-esteem. Remember guys, Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.

  1. Try Guided Meditation

If you’re not a fan of meditation, try guided meditation. Its an easier option for beginners. Once you’re used to it, you can start using your creative mind visualization on cleansing your mind. One way of how I would do it is, I would imagine an x-ray vision of my brain. There’re green and red clouds hanging around it. These clouds represent negative thoughts & energy. And then I would imagine I’m lying down by the beach, and the sunlight that shines on my head is cleansing my brain till green and blue clouds in my head turns clear,  sky blue.

  1. Practice awareness

Whenever you’re walking, or running or doing anything, take 2 – 3 minutes and observe your surroundings. If you’re at the park, observe what color are the leaves? What shade are? What sound can you hear? How is the temperature of the environment? Do this once a day and you will feel refreshed.

  1. Get enough sleep

I can’t explain more on this. Please please please get enough sleep every day. We know everyone is busy, but please make time for your 8 hours of sleep. It doesn’t only give you a healthy brain, but it also gives you a more productive day and keep you looking young.

  1. Read a book a week

A book a week keeps your mind fit. Yes, reading is like exercise for the mind. It keeps your mind engaging and alive!


Respecting Rules

The topic respecting each other doesn’t really hit the hashtags or the trendy list on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Be it, at home, workplace, universities, supermarket, schools, on the road or anywhere else. Respecting each other seems to have lost its place and has been taken for granted. We all know that when we treat people with respect, that is exactly how we will be treated too. If we treat our colleagues well, they will treat our customers/clients in a good manner too. Studies have shown that people want to be loved, cared, valued (so do we, right?). And when they get that, people tend to be more successful, happier with less stress. Isn’t that a wonderful place?

But to do that, we tend to forget the basic, which is following the rules. We complain about the traffic, but yet we switch lanes without giving a signal. How does road rage makes you happy? We say Malaysians are not friendly but yet we look down on the cleaners and the housekeepers. We talk about how time flies, but our short breaks during office hour exceeds half an hour. I was just reading up on a research done recently where employees excel better when they get better benefits and appreciation. And children behave the same way too. When you treat your child like how you want to be treated, your children will behave better. When your children throw tantrums, it is usually a result of being mistreated.

Yes, we’ve all heard the phrase “Rules are meant to be broken”. I totally agree that not all rules should be followed. But I’m talking about the unwritten rules. The simple rules of life. The ones that made us human again. Like what? Like these:

1) Say thank you

2) Say please every time you made a work request to your colleague

3) Stop at the red light

4) Stop road rage & bully

5) Be punctual. No, actually, be early.

6) Praise or reward people for excellent performance

7) Be an amazing listener

8) Stop gossiping

9) Encourage truth telling

10) Encourage creativity


Guys, these small things that we do now will give a huge impact to the community. And trust me on this. You will be happier.

Be aware of your small actions

Its 2018 we live on an autopilot. We don’t realize what we do but we simply do. Why? Maybe because its already part of our norm. Don’t believe me?

Tell me the exact thing you do the minute you wake up in the morning?

What is the daily routine you do every day before starting or ending your day?

How is your eating habit?

What about what you do before leaving the house?

Can’t remember? Maybe because you’re so distracted with that smartphones in your hands. Or you’re too occupied entertaining some false overthinking thoughts in your head. In this era, we tend to live like living zombies, which is sad. Because we don’t get to enjoy every moment of living. Everything passes us by like a runaway train. And yet we question ourselves why do our days feel shorter than the years before. The answer to this is because we have too many distractions now that we don’t have the time to enjoy our moments (E.g., Smartphones, Facebook, Instagram, News, Games etc.)

Most people have goals and aims but due to distraction (as mentioned above) they often forget that to achieve that objective, what you do daily determines whether you’re going to achieve it or not.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, are you doing what’s needed to be one? Are you waking up early in the morning to plan your day, and calculate your target sales? Are you making sure you’re at the fittest so that you have all the energy to spend for your business?

If you want to become a fantastic guitarist, is your guitar the first thing you reach out in the morning? Are you aware of the rhythm of every music you tune into?

These small things that lead you to success, turn it into a daily habit. Once you do this, you will definitely achieve your goal.

Good luck, guys

Lots of love,

Nana Zul

Hello again

Hey guys.

I’m back after a longg break from blogging. I’ve been occupied with work, thus my disappearance for a while. But hey I’m back now, so lets just hope I can do this consistently aye?

So right now, I’m on my my journey to become a Yoga teacher. I’m doing Yoga Instructor Course to get certified, and at the same time I also have my small private classes (just to get the hang of teaching). I have about 100 more hours to go, which is quite a long one, considering that I also work full time, but hey, its all about the journey, and I’m going to take my time.

Being a Yoga teacher & a personal development coach have been my 2018 new year resolution and I’m very happy to see that I’m keeping up with them.

I am also now developing my portfolio and brand to be a leadership & happiness coach. At first, I wanted to be a life coach, but after a long thought, I felt that life coaching is too broad. I wanted something more narrowed down. And hey my expertise is more on personal leadership & happiness, so thats what I’m going to do!

Earlier this year, I visualized and wrote all this down in my journal. Fast forward in May, I’m already on my journey to what I’ve been manifesting! Great isn’t it?

Making Time

I remember the period when I was too busy for everything. Too busy to exercise. too busy to eat healthily, to busy to take a break, too busy to spend time with my family, too busy to paint, too busy to write, too busy for everything. I would go out in the morning to work and come back late at night. Yes, I was busy with work, but actually I was more busy being busy. I started to feel like my days were not meaningful. I felt like a robot. I didn’t have much to look forward to other than my monthly paycheck.

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Hello guys. I’m really sorry for not updating the blog for the longest time. I have been pretty much occupied with work. But hey I never forget my dream and passion! Anyways, I have been meaning to write about this certain. topic for a long time. Its called intention

Intention literally means and aim or a plan. What do you want to have daily? A smooth day? A happy day? A day full of abundance? A lucky day? A joyous day? Be sure to have that intention in you.

For example; You want to have a calm day at the office, organized at work, go home on time and spend 2 hours of family time before you’re off to bed. When you wake up in the morning, after you’ve had your shower, stand in front of the mirror, and say out loud with pride, “My intention today is to have a calm and organized day at work, go home on time and spend a couple of hours with my family before I go to sleep.” Another great place to do this during sunrise, which when I usually do this.

When you do this, your words get in your subconscious mind, absorbs it, and without realizing it, your mind sets your day the way you intended too. Try this, and you will see how much difference it can make in your daily lives. You will feel calm and peaceful throughout the day, as if someone has done your tasks and chores for you. You will see how your ideal daily moment falls into place.

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