5 rituals for a great healthy life

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been posting much. The truth is, I just got a new job, and my focus has been more on it than anything else. But, here I am again! Anyways, today lets discuss about my ritual every single day to get a great and healthy life. These rituals have been helping me with my energy and mood.

1. I’m an early riser.

I’m usually up before 6 am, for 5 days a week. I can wake up later if I want to, but I choose not to. There’s a reason behind this. Waking up early before the sun is up gives me time alone to reflect. I use this time to meditate, and write in my journal. I write on what I’m feeling at that point, my goals of the day, and how do I achieve it. Sometimes I even have a schedule for the day. But that doesn’t happen much because I don’t want to be to hard on myself. Waking up early also makes me feel like the day is longer, and I can benefit it more. I even have the time to take a walk, or watch the sunrise.

2. I exercise daily.

After I am done with my meditation and reflection, I go for my daily run. I try my best to run minimum of 21 km per week. I would also to emphasize that working out is very very important for everyone, no matter how old you are. Our bodies are not designed to sit for hours without any movement. I know most of us have a family, and a job, but if you don’t have the time, you have to make time. When your body is active, it pumps more oxygen to the brain. This gives more energy and creativity in your life. Exercising also gives a healthy body and a healthy heart. You need to get that heart pumping and that body sweaty to enjoy a healthy life. Yes, I know it may be hard at first, but try slow. Try working out once a week for a start. And then gradually increase it to 3 times a week, and the 5 times a week, and then 7 times a week. But remember, do not stop. It will be challenging. But do not stop. Because once you stop, it will be more challenging to start again.

3. I eat my natural supplements

I think taking my supplements everyday is very important. I try my best to eat healthily every day, but sometimes I am concern that what I eat may not be enough. These are what I consume every day:

1 cup of my Health drink (combination of lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, black pepper & water)

1 cup of black seed water

1 – 2 capsules of Moringa Leaves

2 capsules of fish oil


4. I meditate.

Before I meditate, I would jot down my goals & intention on that day. It can be anywhere from ‘Being calm in any situation’ to ‘Giving a world class work’ to ‘Getting 6 hours at night’ to any intention. I would also jot down what I want to manifest like; money, more sales, love, abundance, long life, good health and many more. My daily meditation lets me be more focus in my daily lives, in the most calmest way. My meditation session would usually be accompanied by meditation or Reiki music, scent from the incense stick and a crystal. You can choose other things, but these 3 things completes my manifestation and meditation.


5. Intention.

Maybe this should be on the top of the list, but hey, this is not supposed to be on sequence anyways. No matter what you do, you have to start with an intention and with a good intention. There has been so many times when I tell myself in the morning (because this is the time when your mind is at its most calm), that my intention on that day is to make at least RM xxxx sale, and almost every time, I always get what I wanted. While sometimes its also part of my manifestation,  I am still amazed at how it works.

Have a great week guys,





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