Things I heard when I lost my voice for a day

When we voice out our opinions, ideas and suggestions, we feel powerful. And when our voice is heard, we feel like we own the world, and sometimes we tend not to hear someone else’s voice, whether it’s a plea for help or just an opinion.

Last weekend, due to a very bad cold and cough, I lost my voice for a day. Not that this has not happened before, just not as bad. This time, I was literally whispering when I needed to talk and people could barely understand what I was saying. It was difficult to communicate with anyone, to be honest. And in the end, I gave up, and I just typed whatever that I wanted to convey on my iPhone.

But what happened was a blessing in disguise. It opened by eyes (or ears) to a lot of things. It made me realized things I never realized before. It was some sort of enlightenment. Here are the things that I heard.

  1. Beautiful voices

Since I could not talk, I listened more. And I realized that I haven’t been a good listener. Most of the time I listen, for the sake of listening, and my mind was thinking of what to say next. But this time, since I knew I wouldn’t be able to reply much, I didn’t think of what to say next. And listening patiently to the person next to you, is actually very peaceful. I could literally hear what they wanted to say and their honest opinions.


  1. Wind felt more chilly

So most of the time when I’m walking I would either be on the phone, or walking with a friend, and talking. I never really felt the gush of wind against my skin. In fact, I never really noticed the win unless its obviously strong like a hurricane or something. But this time, my mind was still. Knowing that I could not talk, sort of put my mind in the moment. I started appreciating things I did not.


  1. My daughter’s voice

So I’m a working mom of a 3 year old. Sophia is cheeky, talkative, active… among other things. Among other good things. But as a Mom, you have to be patient, attending to your kids’ behaviour. Usually, when Sophia wants to do something she’s not supposed to do, I would say, “No, Sophia”, “Stop it.”, “Don’t do that”. But this time, I was in no power to say anything. I watched her carefully. Turns out that when Sophia decides to do certain things, she has a creative reason to it. For example, every time we reach the parking, and the minute I unbuckle her seatbelt, she would be all over the place, climbing and jumping on the car seat. Most of the time, I would tell her to stop and hurry up, and get out of the car. But on this day, I saw why she does what she does. Its fun. It makes her happy. Its like her own adventure. The car seat is like a little maze for little children. Beautiful.


  1. 3D music

The ones that know me, knows how much I love to sing. When I’m walking alone, I would usually have my earphones on, singing or humming to my favourite song. But on this particular day, instead of my own voice, I heard 3D sounds in my favourite songs. I heard all the instruments that was played, and it was like the music was coming to me. I heard the singer’s beautiful voice in vibration. It was magical.

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