Fitness Tracker, the frugal way

I’ve been looking for a fitness tracker to track my steps, distance I’ve taken and calories I’ve burned. But since I still don’t make a million bucks a year, I’ve got to look for something within a tight budget.

Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t get anything you want. It just means that you either have to save up or you go for a cheaper option. So I went for the cheaper option.

My dream is to own an Apple watch. But that has to wait. And then comes fitbit. That also has to wait. So after doing some research, and meeting people, I decided to get Xiaomi’s Mii Band 2. I got it off Lazada, so it only cost me RM 84. I even got a free extra white band that came with it. Pretty cheap comparing the other brands. Plus Xiaomi sounds more legit than some brandless products.

So, when I first got it, the packaging was pretty neat and convincing. To be honest, it didn’t look like something you bought under RM 100. It came with a cable charger, a free extra band and a manual book in Chinese. Don’t worry, just google up Xiaomi Mii Fit 2 instruction in English, and you will get everything.

First thing to do is to fully charge it. That should take about 3 hours. According to reviews, the battery last for about 2 weeks. And then download the Mii fit app on your phone. Its compatible with both Android and IOS. Problem solved. Next was pairing the device with your phone via the app. It was pretty easy straightforward actually. After 5 minutes, it was already tracking my steps from my wrist.

So Xiaomi Mii Fit 2 generally tracks your steps, distance, calories and heart rate (though this function mostly work when you enable the activity feature – e.g., outdoor running, treadmill, cycle etc.). It also tracks your sleeping pattern. This means, it gives you a summary on whether you had a good sleep the night before or not. And if you have your phones close to you, you will also get alerts if you have any coming whatsapp, call, new notifications of Facebook & Instagram. For its price, and I think its quite cool.

I’ve been using this device religiously every day, especially during my morning run. It works great outdoor. It tells you your speed, distance and heart rate. But you have to enable the activity feature first. So, you know when to speed up and when to slow down. Unfortunately, when I ran in the parking lot (it was raining), even thought I had 3 – 4 bars of 3G, the device could not get a strong signal on my phone, making the distance tracking inaccurate. But if you do outdoor activities most of the time, Fuck it.

The Mii Fit app is also quite neat, user friendly and for a free app, it has a lot of function. It gives you report on your heart rate, patterns, improvements, distance and this can be used to measure how far you’ve gone in your game.

So many people say a lot of money will get involved if you start a fit & healthy lifestyle. But I say no. It is based on choice and determination.

If you want something to track your activities and money is an issue for you, Xioami Mii Fit2 is the right one for you. But of course don’t compare this with and Apple watch. They’re not from the same league.


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