4 steps to make lemon honey that ACTUALLY works for sore throat or cough

So I’ve been told so many times, ages ago that lemon honey is a great natural way to get rid of sore throat and cough. And I have also tried this method so many times. But with too many failed attempts (and I was impatient too), I still opt for the on shelves cough syrup from the nearest pharmacy.

Recently my almost 3 year old daughter, Sophia had a terrible cough. As much as it broke my heart to see her that way, I also had sleepless nights, attending to her. Yes, sick child = cranky mommy. At first we bought Wood’s peppermint cough syrup, and supposedly it contains natural ingredients (honey & ivy leaf). It was the festive season, and we were travelling, so we didn’t have much choice. Plus, I actually agreed to it because it doesn’t contain all those sleepy drug like antihistamine. One thing I hate about pharmaceutical drugs, is the side effect. I noticed that every time Sophia takes prescribed cough syrup, while its true that her cough will go away, but her phlegm gets worst. So, this time I decided not to go with the common way.

So, I bumped into this lady at a pharmacy. She heard Sophia’s cough and she gave some really good advice on lemon honey. She also mentioned that she has 2 asthmatic daughters who use to go in and out of the hospital. Like I said, this is a very common natural cure advice, but I never really gave it a deep thought.

  1. Squeeze some organic lemon in a small bowl (one tablespoon would do)

FullSizeRender2. Pour one tablespoon of pure honey. And it has to be pure. You can use any types of honey (raw, manuka, wild, etc.), but it has to be pure. You can easily get this at any health food stores. And no, what they sell at the supermarket doesn’t count. Make sure you use plastic or wooden spoon (preferably wooden). Metal spoons react with acids. Some say this is a myth, but I prefer to be safe


3. Mix both ingredient well.


4. Now the trick for this cure to really work is to drink this often in a day. If you have a very bad cough, consume this every hour until symptoms reduced. And drinks lots of warm water, as it really speeds up the process.

5. And the last thing that I did every morning and every night before Sophia went to bed was putting some essential oil on the sole of her foot, on her chest and on her upper back.

Image result for Young living RC

After a few days, Sophia’s cough has drastically reduced (though she has lost half of her voice), and I can’t be thankful enough!

But remember if symptom prolongs, please go to the doctor.




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