8 Common Food You Should Stop Buying

Many brands claim that their products give health benefits to our bodies, that its difficult to tell which ones are real and which ones are not. But lets be on the safe side, shall we? 

  1. On the shelves yogurt

Image result for yogurt

Most of the yogurt sold at the supermarket are unhealthy. They contained added sugar, preservatives, and only God knows what else. For a safer option, go to your nearest Mamak store and ask for fresh yogurt. Thats the good stuff. Or alternatively, make your own yogurt. That way you can add up your own flavour like blueberry, coconut, mango or anything you like!

2. Processed Meats

Image result for processed meat

These includes; sausages, pepperoni, salami, chicken slice or anything similar. These meats are factory made and contains corn syrup, refined sodium, bacteria, sugar and nirates. Processed meats are known to be linked to cancer and various other health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and many more. Rather than having processed meats, why not opt for actual meat instead. It doesn’t take long to stir fry your chicken cutlets and place it on your pizza dough!

3. Ground Spices 

Image result for ground spices

Now, many people are guilty of this. I know I am.

The reason we should avoid ready made ground spices is because its often mixed with cheap additives, and there is no way we can noticed unless we bring it to the lab.

While this might be harmless for now, it might not be in the long run. If you want a safer bet, grind your own spices at home!


4. Bottled Green Tea

Image result for Bottled Green tea no brand

Ok, I am not saying this because I sell pure green tea. But bottled green tea contains a lot of sugar and preservatives. Plus, it doesn’t take long to brew your own green tea leaves anyways. And actual green tea is very good for your health. It promotes a healthy heart, weight loss, and general well being. If you’re looking for something affordable and healthy, search for Its Reiki on Instagram or Facebook 🙂


5. Vegetable Oil 

Image result for vegetable oil

Guys, I know it sounds healthy, but its not. Its full of trans fat that gives you no health benefits. Opt for olive oil or coconut oil.


6. Ready Made Bread

Image result for bread

Ok, I admit I’m guilty of this too.

But the types of bread that you get in the supermarket are the worst. It contains un natural fibers, refined grains, sodium and artificial preservatives. If you can find frozen bread, go ahead and buy it. Its not really widely available in Malaysia though. But maybe some small supermarket at expats residence area, might have them. If not, bake your own bread or pay someone to do it

7. Diet Products

Image result for fat free products

I used to buy these stuff, but not anymore after I knew what it actually contains. Fat – free, calorie – free, sugar – free or anything similar to these, usually contains artificial sweeteners, fake proteins and fibers, fake soy and corn, lots of chemicals and emulsifiers.

8. Pre packed Salad

Image result for ready to eat salad

So, I used to buy a lot of these. They’re convenient, ready to eat and if you’re small eater, you don’t waste the whole vegetables! But these prepacked salad are actually very dangerous. I am not kidding. Even though it states on the pack that they are “Ready to Eat”, There is a high possibility that these packs of salad already contains harmful bacteria. The safer way to do this is to always wash your vegetables


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