Its Nana Zul

Hey guys! I’m Nana Zul. I turn 31 this year, I’m a Mom to an almost 3 year old daughter, a wife to graphic designer, and a daughter to 50 something year old parents. I work as a client servicing executive at a leading digital agency in Selangor, Malaysia, and I’m also the founder of ItsReiki, where we sell Green Tea & Detox tea. So, as you can see, my life is well, very hectic.

My day job requires me to monitor projects and timeline, and jump from one meeting to the other. And my full time job as a mom requires me more than that. I have to be emotionally there for my daughter and family. But I’m grateful to be married to a man who doesn’t feel like taking care of our daughter happens to be my job. Our daughter comes from the both of us, so it is the responsibility of both her parents too. As a matter of fact, my husband is the one that wakes up every night to feed milk to our daughter, and not me. I am not saying I am a proud bad mom, but I am proud to be married to a responsible husband.

Anyways, I’m also a Weight loss Guru. This hasn’t been an official business of mine, but I have been giving training and consultant to many people for free on how to lose weight. My aim is to actually debunk that saying where you gain weight as you get older, which is so not true! I was heavier when I was younger, and lost more weight as I get older. While it may be true that our metabolic rate starts slowing down as we age, there is a way to turn this around. And its really not that difficult. With the correct aim, vision, action and consistency, you can definitely get your metabolic rate to go back to where it was in your younger days.

Ok , enough about this. I’ll talk more about healthy eating, fitness and stuff in my later posts.

For now, bye!


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